Adonis Baths

Oh, this fabulous Cyprus with its azure coast, where life flows slowly and where you can enjoy it for real. Here in the mountains you can get acquainted with the ancient gods, and even feel them myself. It is 17 kilometers from the town of Paphos is a mountain range, a very beautiful place! Since the mountain, in general, small in size, so they are completely shrouded in vegetation, in something resembling an oasis.

Here is one of the legends living god Adonis, who on giving left on earth holy bathing. Yes, this is truly a fabulous place where tourists always try to get and this is no accident. So in a mountainous bowl is a small body of water into which a stone wall running down the small streams of water, reminding small waterfalls. The water in the cup is crystal clear, so plunging into it, you feel that you float through the sky, and tried not transmitted sensations, especially against the background of a hot climate the water temperature here is 16 degrees.

The locals claim that the water flows from the heart of the mountains, so it is healing and cure many ailments, especially swimming is an ancient god Adonis, whose statue is located nearby. In general, this tour is rather difficult to enroll for obvious reasons, but if it still fails, then it goes in the same breath, and includes a five-hour shift on the difficult terrain and familiarization with the sights of the bath and of course the very skinny, that delivers untold pleasure.

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