Agias Paraskeuis Church

Church of Agia Paraskevi - beautiful monuments of Byzantine architecture, located near the Paphos, in the village of Yeroskipou.

Initially, in the late ninth century, the temple was built on the remains of an earlier building. Finally, the church was completed in the eleventh century and dedicated to Saints Barnabas and Hilarion. After nearly 800 years of Agia Paraskevi was consecrated in honor of the Holy Martyr Paraskeva. According to legend, this woman, who lived in about the second century, devoted his entire life to serving God and the treatment of adherents of paganism to Christianity. During the persecution of Christians in 161, she has long championed their faith, did not betray her, but, unfortunately, was executed.

In the late nineteenth century, the church underwent a change: for the expansion was demolished wall on the west side, built the bell tower and an annex near the entrance to the temple. At the same time, he was brought to the icon of Our Lady holding Jesus in her arms a little. According to legend, one of the peasant villagers who lived on the edge for a long time noticed a strange glow in the woods. Gathering with fellow villagers, the man went to the light, and in thickets found the icon, the light from the lamps facing the front. The find was immediately sent to the church, where she is to this day and is the main value.

In addition to the Mother of God in the temple is full of frescoes, created by the skillful hands of the masters throughout the centuries of the set. The main theme is a picture from the Gospel scenes.

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