Akamas Peninsula National Park

The Akamas National Park is a local nature reserve asset, where it seems that everything is not touched by man. Naturally, this place Cyprus insanely valued in terms of leisure and excursions with tourists from around the world. And it is not accidental that the azure coast of Akamas, where the sea touches the sky, just attracts.

Of course, here you can relax, but the cost of tickets will be very high, so on the beach in this place are very few travelers. But that's not all, even harder to get to the original three-day excursion to the mountains, where you can enjoy local attractions and most importantly very nature. The vegetation here is as pristine and untouched, so here you can find rare species of flowers and herbs, there are rare animals.

Following in the path of life, as it is called by the locals, you will see on a hill a few statues of ancient gods, hewn from white stone, which turned to the east, where the sun rises. But that's not all, in front of the traveler waiting two sacred baths and a beautiful waterfall. Adonis Baths is most appreciated by tourists as well as the water in it is crystal clear and cool enough for the tropical climate of Cyprus, depth reaches 6 meters, while in the small pond can swim up to 15 people. It is worth visiting the Akamas and Waterfall, which is one of the legends in the world is the oldest on the planet.

Фотографии Akamas Peninsula National Park

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