Byzantine Museum Paphos

The Byzantine Museum - Orthodox church culture museum, located in the upper part of Paphos, the so-called "Upper Town".

Initially, from 1983 to 1989, created on the initiative of Bishop Chrysostomos for the conservation, protection and study of the most important monuments of church scholars of Byzantine culture, the museum was located in the building Pilavakis. There have been the main focus exhibits. Later, the collection was moved to the eastern part of the residence of the Metropolitan of Paphos, where it exists to this day.

In the museum focused mainly icons. There are more than a hundred pieces. Most of the icons painted in the Byzantine style, and in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. Also, there are more recent work carried out with the addition of components in the Rococo or Baroque. In addition to the mind-boggling collection of icons in the museum can be found frescoes, murals preserved part of the already non-existent, destroyed churches, monasteries, churches. Special attention is worthy of a small but very interesting collection of wood and metal products, such as church utensils, carved crosses, parts of iconostases, embroidered jeweled vestments, and much more.

The museum is located in the fortress, which can be clearly seen from anywhere in the city, so tourists interested in the history of the church culture can easily find it.

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