Church of Panagia Theoskepasti

The church of Panagia Teoskepasti that you can see today was built in 1923, but the first mention of the existence of the church date back to the 7th century. There is a tradition that during the attack on the Arabs Paphos in 649 year from the city and left no stone unturned, and only the church, located on the rock remained intact. God's will for the Church of the Blessed Virgin saved from a sad fate, and hid the rock on which it was dense fog, which hid the building from invaders. Times were, the church was remodeled and renovations.

The church attracts thousands of pilgrims every year to contemplate the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, silver-coated, which was written by the Apostle Luke, who is known for writing 9 faces the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Church of Panagia Teoskepasti located on a rocky hill, which in ancient times was part of the wall that protected the city from the attacks of the enemy.

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