House of Dionysos

The luxury home of a wealthy citizen, built in honor of Dionysus, god of wine, is a historic landmark Paphos and attracts hundreds of tourists on its ruins. In front of the house is a huge mosaic depicting Dionysus on a panther.

Built the house was in the II century BC, but it was able to find a few thousand years - in 1961. The house is a luxurious mansion, which stretches on the territory of more than 2 thousand square meters. A two-storey palace was almost one-third covered with mosaic patterns. Some beautiful paintings, lined with small pebbles, still preserved in excellent condition, despite the fact that the very house was destroyed by an earthquake in the IV century. Mythical monsters and dragons, geometric patterns and floral patterns, marine life and wonderful animals were covered with mosaics in the vast picture.

In the old days, this luxurious house composed of not less than 40 rooms, several kitchens, and great hall. Now to protect the mosaic of natural phenomena over the house built the roof.

Access to the house of Dionysus fee - 3.5 Euro. Walking on the territory and to inspect the beautiful mosaics can be from 8 am to 7 pm. To reach the place by bus №615.

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