Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle - the main attraction of Paphos. This medieval castle is located in the western part of the city harbor.

The history of this structure is very similar to the stories of all the castles of Cyprus: in the early seventh century, the castle was built by the Byzantines as a watch tower, but in 1222 it was severely damaged by the earthquake. After the complete destruction of the fortress built a new castle in its place, which served as a purely defensive role, which is why repeatedly damaged. At the end of the sixteenth century, the fortress was completely destroyed by the Turks, but when Cyprus became part of the Ottoman Empire, they had to reconstruct it. New Castle was the monument of Ottoman architecture. In the nineteenth century the British who seized the island, decided to hold the fortress salt warehouse. It was only in the mid-1930s Paphos Castle Paphos announced a major tourist attraction, opened a museum.

Today, in addition to the historical castle exhibition held annually theater festival in honor of Aphrodite. With the combat deck offers superb views of the sea, the city, the surrounding area. This place is suitable for tourists who are fond of and interested in the history of ancient fortresses and castles, and for fans to see the surrounding area "from above", to admire the beautiful views.

The castle is open daily to the public, the entrance will cost no more than three Euro per person.

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