Rock of Aphrodite

In general, it is a sacred place for many people, because it is here born the love between a man and a woman, at least, that says a local legend. A legend here can be considered a big rock sticking out of the water, which is probably a bit like the heart. This boulder locals call rock of Aphrodite, goddess of love, and the progenitor of all that is connected with it.

Almost all tourist hotels in Paphos offer tourists a legendary tour of the sacred stone, of course, with such a proposal is only suitable for young couples who do not mind a dip in the sacred mystery of love while on the coast of the romantic island, although it is a place willingly visited and elderly couples. Even on the way to the coast tour is literally saturated with the fact that you can only see here. Huge statues of ancient gods, which rise above the rocky ridge, in some way tell the story of the local region, without a doubt Cypriots worshiped them and may revere now. View serpentine is also not indifferent to almost no one, even more so with him all over the sea. And Aphrodite tour reaches the coast, where the water is 30 meters from the shore stands the stone of love, and then it is necessary to make a wish, though this must be done strictly at sunset, when the sun half hidden behind the horizon.

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