Saranta Kolones Castle

Saranta kolones - another castle, located in the harbor of Paphos. The name comes from the Greek "Castle Forty Pillars", which is associated with a large number of columns that prevailed in the structure of the form.

The castle built by the Byzantines in the seventh century, even to protect the coast of the city from the incursions of strangers. Fort consisted not only of the fortress and included the watch towers, the defensive city wall that runs along the coast. But to fulfill its function of a fortress could not, because at the end of the century the Arabs took it, and the closer to the beginning of the eighth century it was almost completely dismantled. A century later, at the end of the twelfth century, the tower "reborn": Crusaders and luiziantsy built a new facility, overhaul from the original: the castle was surrounded by a huge three-meter wall with four round towers at each corner; moat around the fortress was located, and the main gate was equipped with drawbridge to move through it; Inside there is another wall, but this time with four square towers; for defensive walls housed stables, barracks, mill, chapel, blacksmith shop and a bakery. It was then that the fortress got its name - Saranta Kolones.

New Construction workers skilled architects and staid a little longer, up to 1222, and was destroyed. Do not the Arabs, from where raids and built, and an earthquake. After the devastating natural disaster not restored fortress. So today saranta kolones - it ruins are part of the Paphos Archaeological Park.

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