Tombs of the Kings

The royal tombs are located almost on the outskirts of the city Paphos. Construction of the Acropolis dated IV century BC, but this place was discovered during archaeological excavations only in the XX century.

The name "Royal tombs" is misleading - no king in this area has not been buried. It buried local aristocracy. The fact is that during the construction of the necropolis, the place was ruled by the Ptolemies, evidenced by the two-headed eagle on one of the walls in the main hall, and there is already kings, however, did not.

To get to the royal tombs is possible by public bus, with a guided tour or independently by taxi. The necropolis is located on a vast territory, dozens of tracks intertwine, leading tourists to the slopes in the dungeons. All the tombs are located at a depth of about 5 meters, most of them decorated with ancient columns and moldings. Some are real houses, carved into the clay.

Earlier in the tombs were kept untold riches and treasures, but it was looted before the arrival of archaeologists.

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