Coral Bay

Coral Bay, located in the southwest of Cyprus, Paphos, stunning for its beauty, is truly a paradise. A popular place for tourists, and it does not matter whether you are relaxing family or plan a honeymoon, you are sure for a long time will fondly remember the evenings spent on the Mediterranean Sea.

Coral Bay was so popular not only because of crystal clear beaches, but also because of the convenient location, because to get to by bus it is only 10 minutes.

The family, families with children, of course, loved this place for a very small bottom, because children can wallow in the water for hours while parents relaxed at this time can relax on the sun loungers, while the children of their looked after by lifeguards. Another distinct advantage of the Gulf is its environmental friendliness, because the main beach marked with the Blue Flag of the European Union.

After a pleasant time spent near the water, you can look at a cafe and satisfy your hunger or thirst, stroll along the shops with souvenirs and buy commemorative trinkets that then many more times looking at the magnet on the refrigerator back to the memory waves in the wonderful 2 weeks holiday in the beautiful bay of Cyprus.

Фотографии Coral Bay