Pissouri - picturesque town on the southern coast of Cyprus. Pissouri - is the youngest and actively developing resort of Cyprus, located in the wine-growing region of the country.

Pissouri is suitable for a family holiday, there for a wedding or a romantic trip. From the species, which are opened with Torodos mountains to the beach and the Mediterranean Sea, captures the spirit of even the experienced traveler, and do a walk along a winding serpentine deliver great pleasure.

Despite the active development of tourism, this place has retained a unique flavor and tradition of ancient Cyprus. The whole town is literally saturated with the atmosphere of antiquity. Light houses with tiled roofs, narrow streets, lined with stone, cozy cafes and friendly smiles Cypriots attract a lot of tourists here from all over the world.

From the sights local residents are advised to visit the local Orthodox Church of the Apostle Andrew. This temple was built in the 19th century. As you will appreciate the tour of the ostrich farm, which runs on the retro car. As a gift to every visitor to the farm owners give memory ostrich feather.

Фотографии Pissouri