Strovolos - one of the largest settlements of the Republic of Cyprus, located near the state capital - the city of Nicosia - and is a suburb. Attractions in Strovolos not so many tourists come here to remove the low-cost housing for local residents, as well as easy to admire the beauty of the old town.

All those who come here not only to relax but also to the cultural time, can go just a few kilometers from the village and visit one of the most interesting museums in Nicosia - Leventis Municipal Museum. Everyone can go on an amazing journey through the entire history of the capital: thousands of exhibits showing life from ancient times to the present day, will surprise everyone, from young to old. The most interesting thing - the entrance to the museum is absolutely free!

Do not want to be in the room? You prefer to walk down the street, fresh air, the gentle rays of the sun? Then the Old City is looking forward to you! This part of Nicosia is the center of the whole of Cyprus. It built an amazing wall, consisting of a large number of defensive walls, which in the XVI century, all the forces defending the city from attacks by foreign invaders, but unfortunately has not coped with the task. But this does not prevent it from being the main attraction of the island.

After an interesting walk in the evening I want to relax, to visit some place, have a couple of cocktails? Then Club Zoo Club is what you need! First floor - a unique Lounge Bar, where you can not only enjoy a drink or some tasty meal sitting at the tables is highlighted, and look out the window at the sea shore. Here you can truly relax while watching the hanging here and there picturesque vines and walking on the coffer of the soft green grass. The second floor features a bright backlit places dance floor, here played by well-known hits, and often call in guests DJs worldwide scale. After a rich cultural program you can go for shopping in the largest shopping center Mall Of Cyprus. It was here, on 27 thousand square meters, a huge number of shops with branded clothing and footwear, supermarkets, a cinema.

Before you leave be back in Strovolos and walk through its old streets, admire the contrast of the building, to run a small cafe, a glass of wine and taste delicious traditional food: Souvlaki, dolma, moussaka, fish or meat meze.

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