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The first trip of the countries

Many of us dream to start their own travel the world.The first trip of the countriesThe desire to go to different countries on its own program in today's society is gaining momentum every day. On the horizon, the wind blowing the freedom and enjoyment. What prevents implement so close to your heart desire to travel? Some are afraid of the language barrier. In vain. Many travelers can not connect two words in English. How did our ancestors communicated without teachers and books pile? Language gestures and facial expressions has not been canceled, at times, it attaches additional trips hilarious situations and vivid emotions. Modern technology to help you, whether it be English-Russian dictionary or online translator. Who is afraid of absolutely unfamiliar country, people, traditions and cuisine. This is a huge mistake people. In the study of cognition and the world is the essence of travel. Already on the second day of the trip, with proper surface preparation to the first trip, you will be able to drive excursions. It is necessary to spend some amount of time to get acquainted with all the subtleties of the country is still resting at home, but for this you will be rewarded in full during the first and subsequent wanderings in our vast planet.

Begin travel

Planning a vacation to start with the budget. Think through route must be based on the original amount on the entire journey. Load the costs of accommodation, travel, visits paid excursions, meals and unplanned expenses. There is a chance, while enacted appetite to go beyond the budget, then simply reduce the amount of points on the route map. It is especially difficult to imagine the budget during his first trip to the country, so take it with a half times more money. And remember, the longer be able to afford to stay in the country, the better the experience will be iridescent and vacation.

So how to provide the necessary budget for travel around the world without a huge experience? Just look at the map of the well-being of the population.

the standard of living of the population in the world map

In the lower left corner of the map is a table of the color decoding. Dark green painted most wealthy countries, which means to rest in these areas is necessary to take the most amount of money. Dark brown color indicates the poorest countries, where a high level of crime and danger for independent travelers. It is recommended to choose for the rest of the country with a standard of living not below 0.45-0.50. Perhaps the beginning of a journey around the world want to make the most secured state. Let me remind you once again, the more fun you can afford during the holidays, the happier we will feel for its completion. Therefore, traveling around the world is recommended to start with countries with an average standard of living.

You laid the travel budget and created a list of priority countries for a visit. Next, you need to purchase tickets. The longer the flight, the more expensive the cost. But this is not always the case. It all depends on the time of year, the quantity and quality of air carriers connecting your country to leave the venue.

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