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Flight is one of the most important parts of the trip. By the choice of the company must be approached carefully. It is important to consider not only the cost of the ticket, but also a model of the aircraft, class of ticket (as a rule, the economy), the airline based airport, as well as the availability and quality of service offered on board the aircraft.


As a general rule, buy round-trip flight is much cheaper. But it is possible to consider the option to purchase tickets in different directions by different airlines (why, I will explain further in the text).

And so, for a start I suggest see the possible flight options in the selected location. Particular attention should be given to foreign companies, since you will be able to make a stopover (stopover - stop at an intermediate point on your route lasting 24 hours or more)

For example:. Often when flying to Asia the best price offer Arab companies . Travel to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. It can be combined with a stroll through the United Arab Emirates! As you are such an option?

Of course, in this case you will be required a little more effort (visa, hotel reservation, route planning), but they will be applied here, during working hours, and you'll get an unforgettable vacation!!!

When you purchase a ticket with a short transplant, I recommend pre-acquainted with the airport diagram, since, for example, in Dubai, moving from one end of the airport to another, taking into account the overclocking tracks, it takes about 40 minutes. All the information you need about airports you can view on our website.

So if you buy a flight in one direction at one airline, and in the opposite the other, it is possible for one trip to visit just three different states. To do this, of course, involves a long vacation, at least 2 weeks. I recommend that your holiday break in half, one half of the period devoted to travel, and other bones warming on the beach ;) Thus, you will avoid feeling "tired, want to go home" and well, with lots of emotions, will spend the whole planned trip

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