Many people from all over the world want to spend your holiday in Montenegro , because this is where a recognized ecologically clean zone. There are many kind and friendly people, invites you to spend unforgettable days in this beautiful country. While vacationing at resorts Montenegro , you can forget about all your problems and plunge into the whirlpool of all kinds of entertainment and exploring the numerous historical monuments of the country with its deep history.

Different types of recreation in Montenegro on its territory attracted thousands of tourists every year. There for themselves will find entertainment and extreme sports lovers and supporters of a quiet relaxing holiday. Thrill get their dose of adrenaline in the Montenegro from the slopes skiing and snowboarding in the winter and in the summer - rafting, conquering mountain peaks, exploring caves, hiking along marked trails. Water sports enthusiasts who spend their holidays in the Montenegro , for the soul will have the opportunity to descend into the depths of the Adriatic Sea in a special outfit, take part in a sailing regatta and conquer the surf high waves. Excellent infrastructure will help to make a vacation in the Montenegro the most comfortable. Here, everywhere, even in the mountains, you can find a cafe with a variety of dishes, both local and international cuisine. Also, Montenegro shine with plenty of shops, beauty salons, which differ in their prices. Hotels Montenegro dlyasvoih offer holidaymakers excellent service, featuring its special hospitality and the hospitality of the hosts beautiful land. Of particular relevance to the residents of Russian-speaking tourists & ndash; These include very positive, because Montenegro & ndash; Orthodox state inhabited by our brothers-Slavs. Due to the special climatic conditions and the atmosphere relaxing in a Montenegro , each person gets a positive charge inexhaustible vital energy, which does not leave him and return home.

Города Montenegro