Church of St. Michael the Archangel

Church of Archangel Michael in Andrijevica was built in 1887. Its first stone personally laid the Montenegrin Prince Nikola, who was in this period in Andrijevica. Moreover, he bought for the church all the surrounding land, which has since became known Knyazevats, which translated from Serbian means "princely place».

Thanks to the huge request of the prince and to create favorable conditions for the construction of the temple was built very quickly in a single summer. By order of the authorities, each man had to hand over the church one stone. Responsible for the construction of the genus Vasoevichey and Metropolitan even issued a separate charter, which prohibits construction in the neighborhood of other churches, is not a temple in Andrijevica is finished.

The construction of the Church copied the main temple of the monastery Moraca. The icons and liturgical books were brought from Russia by a Russian Slavophile Committee, among them deserve special attention icons depicting Saints Cyril and Methodius. In front of the church is a memorial to Moses and Zechevicha Millan ƃ, local governors and commanders. Church of Archangel Michael was the first temple built in this area after years of Ottoman presence, and she quickly became the center of cultural life of the entire region.

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