Memorial Park Knyazevats

The park in Knyazevats Andrijevica occurred on lands princely ruler Montenegro Nicholas I. At the end of the XIX century here the first trees of the Botanical garden were planted. Knyazevats Park is also famous for its numerous monuments dedicated to the soldiers who fell in the XIX-XX centuries, defending their land from the enemy. Here you can find monuments to the fighters for freedom in the Balkan wars during the First and Second World Wars, as well as those who died in military conflicts of the 1990s.

Busts of national heroes, monuments of the Serbian, Russian and Soviet soldiers are today the memorial heritage of the city park Andrijevica. The most famous monument is the hexagonal pyramid with an eagle on top of a single piece of black marble, which is dedicated to the fallen fighters in the Balkan and the First World War. Also located on site is a monument Knyazevats of six white marble columns with an eternal flame at the center, the obelisk soldiers and residents of the municipality who were killed by the Nazi terror during the Second World War. In addition to the memorial park also has a botanical value. It may be found more than 30 kinds of plants, preferably trees. Some of them grow here since the park grounds. Among them, the Macedonian pine, Bosnian pine, European black pine, spruce and European linden planted in 1887.

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