Bar - the main town of Bar Riviera, and a popular tourist center. It includes old Novi and Bar, as well as the marina, where go to sea cargo and passenger ships and ferries. There is also a marina for boats and yachts.

Old Bar is located at the foot of majestic Mount Rumija. The first mention of it are at the end of the IX century. And it is not surprising that he managed to get under the rule of Byzantium, Venice and Turkey. The economic flourishing of the city is associated with the reign of Stefan Nemanja, turned the bar into one of the leading trade points with Italy and other countries on the Adriatic coast. The lesson of history of these places you can get to tour the Bar, which preserved many architectural evidence of what was happening here. So, in the Old Bar is possible to see the remains of the city gates and ramparts, built back in the XI century, and old churches and fortress.

As for the new bar, it is a modern city with powerful shopping centers, charming boutiques, cozy cafes and restaurants, reputable and profitable enterprises for the production of fruit juice and olive oil. Actually, early vegetables and fruits, as well as the ancient olive tree - business card Bar. As well as its beaches to relax on which it attracts fans of beach rest from all over the world. Not less popular bar is and for those who love adventure and colorful spectacle tends to coincide with the visit to interesting events and celebrations held here. So, in April, fans of cycling come here, because this time is the international cycling race takes place every year, called "Roads of King Nikola". The most colorful event is held in July Bara. One of them - the famous Barska chronicle: an international festival, which bring their performances Montenegrin and foreign theater groups. The event hosts numerous exhibitions, concerts and popular Mediterranean Book Fair.

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