Aqueduct - a popular tourist attraction located in the north of the Old Bar. The word "aqueduct" in Latin - water line, specializing in the supply of water Settlements, hydropower and irrigation systems from sources upstream. In a more narrow sense of "aqueduct" - a conduit element, which is a bridge over the river or ravine.

The Aqueduct of Old Bar was built in the era of the Ottoman occupation Montenegro in the XVII century. It consists of 17 massive pillars supporting the 17 arches. Above the pillars, by the rules of construction of aqueducts, paved the Turks closed the channel ceramic pipes with a diameter of 12 centimeters. This magnificent structure built of rough-hewn stone, from a distance it looks like a giant rock bridge.

In the old days, the aqueduct was actively used for its intended purpose - with the help of water was provided with all the local population. To date, the aqueduct is a popular tourist and historic buildings. His appearance gives aqueduct picturesque surroundings of the Old Bar view is truly ancient city, over which time has no power. Throughout its existence, the aqueduct was severely damaged once - during an earthquake in the late '70s. After that, the aqueduct was quickly restored. To date, the aqueduct abandoned in view of the fact that virtually no one lives in the Old Bar.

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