Сathedral of St George

The ruins - that is what is predominantly an ancient buildings in the Old Bar. From cathedrals once existed to the present day, thanks to the timely restoration, only a few buildings survived. All of these buildings - and preserved and not preserved - are proof of how Old Bar was exposed to various influences, which are reflected in the first place, it is in architecture. Gothic and Romanesque, Renaissance and oriental motifs - all of these styles are organically coexist in the same territory. The final desolation of this ancient city was in 1979 after the devastating earthquake. But local residents are not allowed to attempt to preserve the centuries-old memories of his past. Old Bar on the right is an open air museum.

The Cathedral in the name of St. George was built in the XIII century, before there was another church, even more ancient - IX-XII centuries. At one time the Cathedral was considered the most significant in the Bar. The classic three-nave basilica - that looked like the temple to total destruction. Its walls are decorated with paintings, and in the wire service. The cathedral survived many key historical events that are important for the Montenegrin people. Here he buried Bishop Jovan, who lived in the XI century, and apart from him - Archbishop Peter, Sergei and George, who lived from the XI to the XIV century. In the middle of the XVI century, St. George temple was converted into a mosque by the Turks. Despite this, the tombstones of priests buried here have survived - they were built into the new facade of the building after reconstruction. Also, this cathedral is related to many events of the spiritual life Voyslavlevichey - duklyanskoy dynasty.

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