Church of St. Veneranda

The Church of Saint Veneranda is small, but it is one of the oldest Christian churches old Bar and is a popular pilgrimage site.

Saint Veneranda great Christian martyr who died in 143 year. Born in Gaul (France), a girl from early childhood to study the scriptures, so that parents dedicated young lady in religion. When Veneranda came to Sicily and settled in a cave monastery near the town of Grotte and the glory of preachers spread throughout the Roman Empire, the governor Antoninus Pius ordered her arrest. Veneranda was taken to Rome, where he was tortured. The girl was nailed to a cross, dipped in boiling oil, but executioners were unable to get her to renounce God. In the end, they are affected deeply the power of faith in God Veneranda, also accepted Christ. Then the angry emperor ordered to cut off the head of Veneranda. Since then, Veneranda is the symbol of patience and true repentance to God for all the residents of Bara and Montenegro in general.

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