Clock tower

Turkish soldiers captured Bar in 1507 and began to actively promote their religious views with the locals. In this era, the Turks built numerous mosques, Turkish baths and a clock tower. The founder of the clock tower at the Bar is considered to be a local resident of uptown, where then lived a rich and respected people, Yahya Ibrahim Osman Aga. If you climb to the clock tower, it offers a beautiful view of the old and the new Bar and part of the Adriatic coast.

The tower was truly a very strong structure, because it has experienced the liberation war period Bara from the Turks in 1877, in which a lot of damage have been received, and subsequently also the 3 earthquakes in 1905, 1968 and 1979. Full reconstruction of the clock tower made only in 1984, then updated the timers on all four sides of the dials of the tower. Now local residents to these hours put an exact time.

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