Mosque Omerbashicha

In the XVI century, when the territory of today's Montenegro was subordinate to the Ottoman Empire, most of them Muslims, in Bar wonderful Omerbashicha mosque was built.

According to legend, the mosque has been seen as lived in the XVII century fabulously wealthy merchant Omar Basha. During one of his visits to commercial matters, Omer Basha did not have time for the evening prayer in his hometown and where he was overtaken by night - wanted to build a mosque, in case any of his people will be waiting for the same fate.

In 1662 began the construction of a mosque on the site, which was a little earlier buried a respected and well-known to the entire Islamic world preacher of Islam Dervisch-Hassan. Due to the disposal of Hassan, Omerbashicha mosque has become the most popular place of pilgrimage in the Balkans.

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