Palace complex Toplica

The palace complex, called Toplica, was built in the new bar near the end of the XIX century and is a luxury residence-in-law of the Montenegrin king Nikola I - Peter Karadjordjevic. The architectural ensemble includes large and small palaces, two gardens - winter and Botanical. Next to the palace complex is a park, which stretches along the northern beach town, which covers a large pebble.

Today, the Greater and Lesser palaces premises occupy different exhibition halls and the city museum. The museum exhibits ethnographic, archaeological and historical collections of exhibits, acquainting visitors with the true history of Montenegro. Since Bar is one of the key cities in the tiny Montenegro, the National History Museum presents diverse and rich exposition reflecting the long history of this country. In addition, museum visitors are invited to get acquainted with the history of the oldest narrow gauge railway in the territory of Montenegro. Instead, the botanical gardens and the winter in the territory of the palace complex is now the restaurant.

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