Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas, located at Bar, for several decades, is the city's main Orthodox church and a gathering place for believers in the religious holidays celebrated by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The history of the church comes from the XIX century, but in fact it was built on the ruins of an older church dating from the XVI century after Christ. Church of St. Nicholas consists of the three-nave basilica with a central dome, stone fence and a small cemetery in which are buried the famous residents of the Bar of the XX century. The temple walls are built of red limestone tesnёnnogo. The facade of the cathedral is decorated with decorative window-rosette and belfry of the three bells. The original bells were confiscated during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of 1916-1918 years, when they were allowed to be melted in the gun, the new bell - a gift from the local community of believers.

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