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Berane Montenegro
PHOTO Berane Montenegro

The municipality of Berane is located in the northeast of Montenegro. On the area of ​​496 square killometrov with 28,739 inhabitants in 38 villages. Berane is located in the fertile valley of Lima at an altitude above 600 meters. The city is surrounded by mountain ranges Bjelasica in the west and from the east Turyakom. The highest point in the municipality of Blackrock's head, which reaches a height of 2139 meters.

The hydrographic network consists of numerous streams, lakes, springs and wells. The main river network is formed on the Lim river and its tributaries. In Berane is temperate - continental, sub-alpine mountain climate. The air has a very important role in the development of agriculture and tourism. The hottest months are July and August, and the coldest December and January.

The mountains, rivers, gorges, canyons, mountain lakes, flora and fauna of the local area are attracted to the earth Berane large number of tourists. Cultural and historical heritage consists of archaeological sites, indicating that this area was inhabited in ancient times. Religious sites each in its own unique charm to visitors and reveal the spiritual wealth.

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