Dzhurdzhevi Stupovi Monastery

Built in 1213 in the vicinity of today's city Berane Stupovi Monastery Dzhurdzhevicha is one of the oldest shrines of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Its founder was the ruler Budimlya Zupan Stefan Pervoslav, nephew of Stefan Nemanja, who planned it as a place of their future disposal. Place of construction was chosen near the underground spring on the banks of the river Lim, which was called Stupovi, from what happened later and the current name of the monastery Dzhurdzhevi Stupovi.

In 1219 St. Sabbas of Serbia in the walls of the monastery was organized Budimlyanskaya diocesan Department, which is the center of Orthodox life of more than 80 churches, located in the vicinity of today's city of Berane. In the XV century Budimlyanskaya diocese was elevated to the level of the Archdiocese. Monastery valiantly resisted the Turkish conquest, until the middle of the XVII century in the region did not occur Islamization of the local population. But selfless struggle could not do without victims, Ottoman troops burned the monastery several times - in 1738, in 1825, in 1862 and 1875, and in 1912 the monastery was damaged by Austrian troops in the First World War. During this Dzhurdzhevi Stupovi even nicknamed "the monastery-martyr».

The main temple of the monastery, the church of St. George - is a one-nave building with the main entrance on the west and a semicircular apse on the east side, made in the architectural style of XI-XII centuries. The church with the porch was built in the first half of the XIII century. Sam monastery complex was built later in three stages, as evidenced by the differences in stone masonry. Frescoes of the monastery is a high cultural value, they were met gifted Decani and Kotor masters of that time, the frescoes in the narthex, probably painted by the famous master of Strahinja Budimlya. Unfortunately, many of them were damaged during the many sieges of bullets and artillery shells. But even so, some of the frescoes well preserved to this day. After the destruction of the beginning of XX century the monastery almost entirely ceased to exist, attempts were made to restore it, but they were unsuccessful. Diocese revival occurred in 2002 by the decision of the Council of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In addition to the center of the diocese, in Dzhurdzhevi Stupovi also houses a functioning monastery.

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