House magistrates Gavro Vukovic

The famous governor, politician, writer and statesman Gavro Vukovic made a great contribution to the history of Montenegro. He served as Senator and Minister of Foreign Affairs, a member of the national parliament. In memory of his achievements in the house Gavro Vukovic Berane, where he spent the last years of his life, in 2001, was converted into a museum dedicated to this outstanding Montenegrin.

The ground floor housed the former cabinet and library Gavro Vukovic, in these rooms are the furniture and personal belongings of the Duke - weapons, manuscripts and documents. Born in 1852 into a wealthy family of Montenegrin Gavro Vukovic received his primary education in a convent school, he continued his studies in Cetinje, Nice and the University of Belgrade. At the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, he received a diploma with honors and became the first certified lawyer in Montenegro. For services to the Montenegro he was granted the title of Duke.

Years of diplomatic work Gavro Vukovic occurred in one of the most difficult periods in the history of Montenegro. After independence, the country had to re-build relations with all neighboring countries. In recent years, the life of the Duke Gavro Vukovic retired in Berane and devoted his spare time to writing his memoirs. In his manuscript, which has more than a thousand pages, he described the history of Montenegrin foreign policy in the late XIX and early XX century on the basis of original documents from the personal archive. Gavro Vukovic died in 1928 and was buried in the monastery Dzhurdzhevi Stupovi.

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