Monastery Kaludra

Not far from the monastery in Kaludra Berane is a cave used by the monks in the Middle Ages to lead a solitary life. Due to this fact the second name of the monastery Kaludra from the mouth of the locals sounds like "The cell". Monastery of St. Luke, built in the reign of the Nemanjic epoch in the XIV century, has a modern name Kaludra, in the XVII century, during the Turkish occupation in the territory of modern Montenegro was completely ruined and abandoned by the monks.

A few centuries later, in 1991, the historic town of Berane Museum, which produced the archaeological excavations at the site of the monastery Kaludra, discovered the remains of fresco paintings and numerous inscriptions in the former monastic cells. During the time of the breakup of Yugoslavia states excavations were suspended, and only in 2001 managed to finish the historic work. After that, the money of the new church was built on the donations of local people on the foundation of the temple of St. Luke. Near the bell tower was built and the refectory with the monks' chambers.

Today, in the monastery Kaludra in Berane holy relics of St. Luke, the patron saint of the monastery, as well as relics of the holy martyrs Artemia, Eustache and Ignatius Ivironskogo. Today the monastery is Kaludra current convent of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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