Church St. John in Zaton

Bijelo Polje small town in the north-eastern part of Montenegro. On its territory live about 15 thousand people. The local attraction is the old church of St. John in the Creek. To notice it is not difficult, it rises above the city like a lighthouse. Built on the ruins of the church in the fifteenth century, it has been preserved to the present day almost in its original form. Only the bell tower, located next door, is a more modern structure. It was built in 1867. Tourists are invited to climb the bell tower, which offers stunning views of the city and surrounding area.

The Church of St. John - a small three-nave sanctuary, built in the Gothic style. Outside the temple it looks very modest, shabby and gray, but the internal decoration is striking for its wealth and splendor. Here are stored the rare icons and pictures, a large library, rare books and documents. Also located on site of the church is the oldest cemetery.

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