Cave Dzhalovicha

Dzhalovicha Cave is located 14 kilometers from the Bijelo-Polje and is the most famous cave Montenegro. The cave is located on the ferris maelstrom - lakes, which in the summer is usually dry and this is where its main entrance. To reach it you must drive to the village Dzhalovich, and then go on foot from one hour to two.

The opening of the cave was in 1987 speleologists from Belgrade. Until 1997, it was developed about 10 kilometers of the cave, with its alleged length of about 200 kilometers. Subsequently speleologists from Czech Republic has passed the 9 kilometers of the cave.

Visit Dzhalovicha cave belongs to the category of adventure tourism. This allowed the experienced, physically well-trained people who possess the skills descent into the cave. With the city's available about 2.5 km. Stances offers a truly surreal sight. Every conceivable kind of cave ornaments - stalactites frozen stone shower, cyclopean stalagmite column with a height of four-storey house. Canals and lakes. Huge rooms, which reaches a height of vaults of thirty meters.

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