Monastery Maystorovina

Friary Maystorovina located in the foothills of the massif Bjelasica. The first mention of the monastery belongs to the XVI century, it reads the inscription above the entrance to the monastery until 1926. From some sources we know that long before the appearance in these areas of the monastery is located Trinity Church, which later became the center of Maystorovina. Holy Trinity Church was built much earlier folk legends connect its appearance with the name of the Serbian ruler Vukan Nemanjic with 1196 by 1208.

The name of the monastery appeared on behalf of the nearby villages Maystorovina, although some sources it was called the monastery Ravna Rijeka by name another nearby village. But in the XVII century the monastery was abandoned, and his church utensils and liturgical books in 1649 handed over to the monastery Dobrilovina. In the late 90-ies of XX century began the renewal of the monastery, was appointed abbot monk Ioanniky (Zindovich). Today it is a functioning monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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