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Monastery Nikolyats

Montenegro, Bijelo-Polje, Monastery Nikolyats
PHOTO Monastery Nikolyats

The monastery in Nikolyats Bijelo-Polje refers to the period of Montenegro in Nemanjic dynasty. But historic tradition of the first mentions of it date back only to XVI century. According to the preserved to this day the records in 1570 in the church of St. Nicholas appeared mural painting, which is now a historical and artistic value. In 1688 the monastery was a global reorganization. In those days, there were frescoes and iconostasis made by well-known artists Kozma, Radul, Maksim Tuykovich Simeon Lazovic.

Nikolyats monastery became famous in the whole district its copying manuscripts of religious books. It was brought up a large number of monks, later dispersed to other monasteries. During the period of Turkish rule in the territory of Montenegro in XVII-XVIII centuries and the trend is not orthodox pop culture Nikolyats monastery became a place of preservation of valuable books, manuscripts and liturgical objects from the closing of monasteries throughout the neighborhood. Currently, the monastery library has 84 manuscripts and 97 printed books, among which there is a particularly valuable gospel of the XVIII century, written on parchment.

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