Cave Novakovic

Cave Novakovic, located 14 kilometers from the Bijelo-Polje and a number of its characteristics is considered one of the most valuable caves in the Montenegro. By its length it is inferior cave Dzhalovicha, but has a convenient location and ease of movement in the interior corridors. In recent years, the cave Novakovic declared a protected natural territory of the state. This was done in order to stop the uncontrolled flow of tourists interested in caving, and did not give them the possibility of action to destroy this natural feature.

The path to the cave lies along the canyon Vranshtitsy river, past a succession of rapids and small waterfalls. The entrance is located at an altitude of 903 meters above sea level. The total length of the corridors Novakovic is 605 meters with a height difference of 50 meters. Here all the year round is maintained comfortable cool temperature 8°C.

The most beautiful areas of the cave, located in the upper part - is the Lost City, Picasso, and Ram Dada Gallery Djuric. Novakovic Cave is constantly experiencing the influx of fresh water that comes through the many crevices and channels of the underground rivers. Legend has it that under the ground in this place before a monastery founded by fleeing from the power of the Turks by the monks and the treasures of the monastery were so great that the church cross was made of pure gold. For several centuries, the daredevils trying to find this place, but their attempts have not been successful.

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