Old stone bridge

Stone Bridge, a few centuries ago, built on the Bistrica River near its confluence with the River Lim, still keeps the secret of his creation. There is no precise information as to when and by whom it was built on this spot. But one thing is for sure - it is the oldest monument of the Ottoman era in this region, as in its form and beauty of it is similar to other Turkish bridges that they are actively erected in the occupied territories.

According to one legend the bridge was built on the money found on the site of the group of robbers murder. Artel Builders, who found the gold coins, decided not to take "dirty" money itself, and spend it on the construction of the bridge at the same place, where they found a bag with money. Wizards built a stone bridge with a special solution based on eggs and milk, which they have received from the surrounding villages. The bridge was built very quickly, and is still in good shape, demonstrating the quality of the medieval builders.

It is also preserved the tradition that the material for the bridge were the stones from the ruined church of the Turks. This temple, known as the Church of the Blessed Virgin on the Bystrica, considered one of the oldest in the area - it was built in 1186. Around the temple for a long time housed the church vineyards, which gave the name of a local village Lozno Luka. In the XVIII century the Ottoman Empire troops destroyed the church building, and that of its wreckage and the bridge was built.

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