Monastery Podvrh

The catch small monastery is located at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level in the mountainous areas of the municipality Bijelo-Polje. The date of foundation of the monastery is in 1606, as evidenced by a stone slab at the entrance to the church.

The monastery church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, and his first abbot was the abbot Cyril. Outside, it is difficult to understand that this church building, since it is very similar to an ordinary farmhouse. Church dome can be seen only from within the church itself. Before the temple there is a large veranda, and the monastery complex is surrounded by a simple wooden fence. The interior of the monastery is decorated with numerous frescoes depicting Christ's deeds and the archangels Michael and Gabriel, guarding the entrance to the temple. This beautiful painting executed in the years 1613-1614 Master Strahinja from Budimlya. In the niche above the door can be seen the bust of St. Nicholas. Gold-plated iconostasis of carved wood is small and very beautiful and monumental. Icons for him to write in 1665 painter Kozma, and it was the last known work of this master. Finalize the interior of the church is already his pupil Radul.

In 1958 the monastery was interested in Serbian historians. In 1960 the monastery among the many manuscripts have been found "Divoshevo Gospel", dating back to 1330, the most important monument of the Bosnian Cyrillic script of the XIV century. The monastery houses the relics of the holy Martyr Haralambos, which attracts many pilgrims.

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