Monastery Samograd

Samograd Monastery dates back to the early Christian period IV-VI century. On its territory remains of churches, one of which refers to the period of early Christianity have been discovered, and the other to the era of Nemanjic.

The monastery complex is located on the territory of 1.2 hectares and is located in a unique natural setting. Around Samograda are 7 stone cliffs, the height of which varies from 40 to 80 meters, the space between them laid with artificial walls. Prior to the Turkish occupation of the region, he was an important spiritual and economic center of the polymerase.

The monastic complex was destroyed during the Turkish occupation in the years 1452-1454, after which desolated and the surrounding settlements. Only in 2006, it began active restoration of the monastery. Church of St. Panteleimon was consecrated in 2009. Today the monastery is acting Samograd monastic abode of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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