Monastery Volyavats

The monastery Volyavats (Virgin on Bystrica) is located in the lower reaches of the River Lim, in the area where it empties into the river Bystrica. Probably the monastery was founded in the XII century, Stefan Nemanja on his own money. In those days, the monastery was strictly male. Since the church is located right on the banks of the river Bistrica, a long time the temple was also called by the people as "Bystritskaya Virgin».

The temple is built of hewn limestone blocks. The church is a one-nave building with an apse, narthex to the west blocked semicircular arch. In this part of the temple fragments of frescoes, it is known that they were created in the XIII century. commissioned by King Stefan Uros I. On the south-western side of the temple is a high bell tower. Among the images at the top of the west wall you can find some fragments of "Christmas" songs, "Entry into the Temple", the figure of the Archangel Michael. On the west wall of the naos preserved portraits of King Stefan Uros I, his wife, Queen Helena and the abbot of the monastery Eustache. In the XVIII century, the temple and the monks' cells destroyed by the Turks, and was built from the wreckage of a bridge across the Bistrica River. In 1995 the monastery Volyavats been fully restored, and with 2007, he is the current women's monastic abode.

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