Budva old city

The old town of Budva - a fortress wall with defensive elements and massive gates, beyond which, for many centuries in harmony huddle old churches and small residential houses of hewn stone, interlaced by narrow and winding streets. All of this, including the powerful citadel from the sea coast, moves our subconscious into the atmosphere of a medieval seaside town.

The founders of this beautiful and ancient city, because of its age of about 2,500 years, the Greeks became, later ruled the Romans and Byzantines. Around the XV century citadel of Budva it acquired its present appearance in this period were built massive walls to defend the city from attacks by the Ottoman Empire. Since the XIX century, control of the city passed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and only after the First World War Budva became part of Yugoslavia, and today - is the main tourist center of Montenegro.

Even in 1950, outside the citadel it was no more than 20 buildings, only in 80-ies of XX century the Adriatic coast resort began to develop rapidly and Budva increased in size dozens of times. To this day, the old town is a residential area, in spite of its great historical value. On the territory of this cultural object, you can just live and walk, visit museums and shopping malls, and in the evening sit in the many cafes, enjoying the surrounding atmosphere of this ancient place.

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