Citadel Budva

Budva medieval Citadel (formerly a fortress of St. Mary), one of the main attractions of modern Budva and Montenegro as a whole. This is the pride of Budva and its inhabitants, which can be seen on many souvenirs and postcards. Getting over the walls, sometimes you catch yourself thinking that time suddenly flowed back and suffered for centuries ago.

Even back in the year 840, being protected from the incursions of the Turks, the inhabitants of these places have erected a huge fortress, dedicated to St. Mary. Up to the present day from those grand buildings are preserved only the northern and eastern walls and the north tower. The other buildings of the citadel in Budva was destroyed during the numerous wars in this region. Only in the XV century, the Venetians took up the restructuring and strengthening of fortified buildings. Since then, the remaining old buildings preserved citadel.

In our time, the citadel in Budva is not only the memory of centuries of history, but also a platform for the annual celebration of the festival "Castle-Theater", which brings together actors from many countries of the world. At the castle you can visit the Maritime Museum, a library and a restaurant, as well as an outdoor theater.

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