Island Saint Nicholas

The biggest island of the Adriatic Sea is considered to be St. Nicholas Island. Its length is 2 km, maximum width of 400 meters and a maximum altitude of 121 meters.

This charming and completely inhabited island shuts him entrance to Budva bay and protects the Budva from the weather to the sea. Like any other place Montenegro, the island is not deprived of the spiritual component, there is the church of St. Nicholas, the first mention of which took place in the XVI century. It is impossible not to mention the magnificent evergreen plants of the island, which is found in many birds, small animals, and even mouflon.

At low tide it is possible to get to the mainland of Budva on a shallow path to the area of ​​the Slavic beach. The total length of the beaches of the island of St. Nicholas is more than 800 meters and has a distinctive rugged line, so any traveler who wants to retire here, easily find a suitable place in one of the numerous small coves. Most of the time of the year to reach the island only by boat or a boat that go there from all the beaches of Budva.

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