Church of Santa Maria in Punta

Church of Santa Maria in Punta (Church of St. Mary) is located in the old part of the city Budva on the Adriatic coast.

Locals tell the legend of how the Spanish friars spread throughout the world the Christian faith, sailed to the coast of Budva and fixed on the ramparts icon of the Virgin Mary, surrounded it with candles. At the call of the monks came running set of the inhabitants of these places to pay homage to this shrine. People turned out so much that they desire, and the joint work erected in this place a church and named it in honor of the icon brought.

To this day preserved record made by the monks to build a church on one of the stones, which is a confirmation of the beginning of the period of construction of the church of Santa Maria in Punta. Throughout the eastern coast of the Adriatic, this inscription is the oldest.

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