Sculpture Dancer Budva

On the outskirts Budva, on the shores of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro is a beautiful sculpture of a girl, frozen in a graceful pose . This monument is called "Dancer of Budva 'or' gymnast of Budva." Beautiful and elegant sculpture of a gymnast, located on a rocky rock near the beach Morgen, became the unofficial symbol of the city. Despite the enormous popularity of the statue is known about it is very little. Regional points go even disputes about the name, it is sometimes called "Ballerina of Budva", but if you look closely, the girl is missing a required attribute ballerina - skirt. The girl do not have clothes, so many tourists in jokingly called the monument "The girl who lost her swimsuit».

A lot of legends about the creation of the monument. Some say that it is a monument to the famous Montenegrin gymnast, crashed over a cliff in these places, but what it can not be called. Others tell the tragic story of a young couple in love. When bathing they were attacked by a shark. The girl managed to get to shore, and the boy escaped. After this terrible tragedy she came every evening to the shore and waited for her lover out of the sea. But the miracle did not happen, and the girl could not live without her love.

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