Government house

The Government House in Cetinje, built in 1910 by Italian architect Corradini, is an attractive landmark for travelers. With a length of 66 meters and width of 52 meters, the government house is made with a mix of Renaissance and Baroque styles. At the beginning of the XX century, the building was in a tiny Montenegro actually the biggest.

In the House of the Government for the time of its existence except for members of the Government of Montenegro, it was also a place for the Parliament, mail, telegraph, printing, and even theater. In 1989, the building was transferred to the City History Museum. Here visitors are available real treasures of the cultural, social and political past of the Montenegrin state. In eight exposures, the total area of ​​approximately 1,400 square meters, is located about 1500 exhibits, among which there are rare books, photographs, and about 300 the most important historical documents. The period of the most ancient times in the museum are not only samples found during the excavations, but also reproductions of the frescoes, as well as maps of excavations themselves. The Middle Ages are displayed in pieces of furniture, ornaments, formerly belonging to members of royal families and other exhibits.

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