Lovcen National Park

In 1952, Lovcen in the southwest Montenegro was declared a national park. The park was established to protect nature, as well as historical, cultural and architectural heritage of Montenegro. In its structure there are two mountain peaks Shtirovnik (1,740 meters) and Ezerskaya summit (1657 meters).

On the territory of Lovcen National Park is dominated by beech and pine forests, as well as quite common tulips, lilies, crocus and many others, for a total of more than 1,300 species of plants. Here you can find wild boar, deer, foxes and other representatives of wildlife. The park is home to a considerable number of birds and insects, which include eagles, falcons, eagles and nightingales. Many tourists like to visit the numerous caves, waterfalls and crater-like depressions, which are a sufficient number of on the territory of the park Lovcen. There are many national monuments of architecture, for example, the village Njegusi, nest Peter Njegos.

But the main attraction of the park is the mausoleum of the famous Montenegrin ruler, poet and bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegoš, built in 1974. A place for burial in the top Ezerskaya (Jezerski Vrh) chose himself Peter II, it was his last wish. You will have to overcome the 461 step on the way to the mausoleum and the small tunnel 80 meters long. Travelers meet marble statues - two female figures and a granite statue of Peter II, weighing 28 tons and a height of 3.74 meters. Behind the statue of steps lead down to the crypt where the sarcophagus. On the tombstone engraved cross and a coat of arms of Montenegro - symbols of spiritual and temporal power.

Near the mausoleum is an observation deck, which offers a height c such a panorama that is breathtaking. It is clear from a large part of Montenegro. In the park there is a tourist center where you can get a park map showing the areas of tourist routes, and you can hire a guide-wire.

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