Monument Lovchenska Villa

Monument Lovchenska Villa, located in the Cetinje, dedicated volunteers from the United States. Volunteers responded to the call to fight against Austria-Hungary in World War I and the end of 1915 went to fight on the front. In January 1916 a ship with volunteers sank not far from the Albanian town of Sveti Jovan. Of the 509 passengers of the ship were rescued only 164 people. A prominent Montenegrin sculptor Risto Stiyovich in honor of the memory of these people in 1939 has created a commemorative memorial. This sculpture - the embodiment of patriotism and heroism of the people who have made their new home in order to protect the former homeland and died during this impulse of the soul. The figure is facing to the sea, to the place of death of the volunteers, and, simultaneously, to the place from which they sailed.

Фотографии Monument Lovchenska Villa

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