Palace of King Nikola I

King Nikola I's Palace remained in history as the last residence of Nikola I Petrovic Njegos, who was a great politician, have achieved over 58 years of his term of international recognition of the new European state - Montenegro. His remains are in the church on the palace grounds, are an important national shrine.

The residence lasted four years and took place from 1863 to 1867. Originally it was intended for the widow and daughter of King Danilo, however, after the departure of the Princess of Montenegro plans changed, and a new just built a palace chief moved the royal court from the nearby Palace Billiards. In the salons and in the courts of Europe condemning said that the palace insanely beautiful and very luxurious for such a small country.

It is decorated in Art Nouveau style, with an abundance of decorative details, bizarre shapes and stylized floral patterns. Each of the chambers of the palace is designed in its own style: Oriental, Venetian, Victorian. The palace houses collections of objects related to the history and culture of the country. Of particular note is a collection of military medals, made of gold and precious stones. The court library, which occupies 4 halls, stores up to 10,000 copies of the rarest, including religious books.

Do not miss the opportunity to look at these rare exhibits and the outstanding building of the palace of King Nikola I when you visit Montenegro.

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