Billiards Palace

Billiards Palace Cetinje was built in 1838 and was the residence of the ruler of Montenegro, Petar II Petrovic Njegos. This strange name of the palace there was a reason. Negosh loved to play pool, and that they had brought the first billiard table in Montenegro. Local residents, this game was a novelty, and that affected the current name of the palace.

The building of the residence is located behind the high stone wall of a rectangular shape, with round towers at each corner, which is very similar to the table for a game of billiards. On the territory of the palace complex is a unique map of Montenegro, made to exact dimensions of the state relief proportions. Her Austrian cartographers performed with pinpoint accuracy of the cement. The size of the layout 20 by 20 meters. This map reflects a miniature house, all the roads, rivers, bays, mountains and sea. Inside the house, the walls are kept numerous portraits of people whom Njegos treated with great respect. Among them are portraits of Russian Emperor Peter the Great and Nicholas I. The first floor of the palace is a billiards exhibition of contemporary art, while the second floor is the Njegos Museum. For museum exhibits include a library, a ruler of the legendary interior and a pool table.

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