The ancient city Martinichka Gradina

The ancient city Martinichka Gradina is located in the vicinity of the city Danilovgrad in Montenegro. The remains of this town are one of the most significant monuments of the early Middle Ages on the territory of modern Montenegro. About town called Gradina Martinichka no mention in historical sources. The name appeared only in modern literature, and it is used to describe the medieval settlements in the area of ​​modern Martinic.

The base of the city occurred during the Great Migration in the period of settlement of these places Slavic tribes. The most rapid development of the city continued until the end of the XII century. According to some reports in Martinichka Gradina born father of the future Serbian King Stefan Nemanja. The village is located on top of a large hill surrounded by rocky cliffs. In Martinichka Gradina remains of several buildings and a fragment of the fortress walls, which can be attributed to the type of the main gate of the medieval architecture. Of all the buildings the remains of a rectangular building and a small military camp of the Roman type is best preserved. In the northern part of the city are the remains of the great basilica, around which many Roman religious items X-XI centuries were found. In the center of the church is the bishop's throne and iconostasis fragments were found.

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